About working with Max J. Van Praag

Max is a creative force for healing, growing & learning through intimate & sexual relationships. 

Call 415 – 254-2002 for more information or to set up a free introductory 30 min skype or phone session.


Max is a talented energy healer offering high impact body-centered coaching for those who truly want a shift to more fulfillment and more pleasure.

He has a particular gift in working with shadow parts and taboo areas to empower his clients and to refuel their passion.

He custom designs full-day or multiple days immersion processes taking clients through experiences and journeys to new exciting & also difficult places.

Current rates: $200 per hour – $1000 per day – special packages


His clients are people from all walks of life:

– committed traditional couples having lost passion because they are no longer true to their masculine & feminine essence or who are simply no longer in touch with what turns them on. so  He will invite them to shift the dynamic and explore their edges.

– single men & women, wanting to attract the right partner or to raise the quality of their dates. Being a man & being a woman in this world can be a serious challenge many are not well prepared for.

– people who are healing after recreating childhood hurts & severe heart breaks.

– sex, love, relationship & porn addicts

– people struggling with depression & anxiety

– people into polyamory, kinks and fetishes, who need help in identifying and communicating their desires and go deeper with what they are already doing.

Presence, intimate polarity, integrity, transparency, directness, acceptance, intuition, soulfulness, emotion, breath, tantra, ejaculation control, healing tao, edginess, vocal & artistic expression, BDSM (the shadow) and his own unique life experience are all part of his approach.
He organizes events and produces/hosts his own TV talk-show to inspire millions worldwide. His favorite movie is the movie Bliss by Lance Young (1997).

His endeavors are based upon a lifetime of research in the areas of psychology, intimacy, love, sex, intimacy & power.  He is fluent in Dutch, French, German & Italian and a gifted classical musician & vocalist.

He holds an academic degree from the University of Amsterdam and was a personal student of David Deida and of John Pierrakos (psychiatrist & founder of the Core Energetic Institute in NY, a training program for body-centered psychotherapy). He was a student-resident at Pathwork of Self-Transformation (Phoenicia Center)  in 1993-95, and later studied at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael CA. He also studied with Mantak Chia and Anthony Robbins.
Born in Holland, a citizen of the world, he brings his cross cultural and multi-lingual skills to his work. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995.


“I cannot thank you enough, Max. your assistance was beyond my wildest dreams! You are an embodied presence of loving healing wisdom. You have blown my mind and heart wide open. And your intuitive timing gifted me insights that helped me open without processing into deeply held feelings. Letting that flood happen allowed me to access the lover I wanted to be and that my beloved wanted to feel in me.  Thank you thank you thank you! ”
— G.G.

“My wife and I are going though a major transition after raising kids and moving towards retirement. Our interest in sexual exploration are at the opposite ends of the poles. However, after just one session with Max, he re-framed the problem in a way that gave me the opportunity to have an honest heart to heart discussion with my wife as I have never had before in 40 years. My original conversational style would have led us down the same path with no exit. Because of this, we are now working on the problem together. Max was able to dig deep into my intentions so that my communication went from messy and somewhat manipulative to honest and straightforward. As a result, my wife was also able to communicate her needs clearly and now we are closer together than ever. Thanks Max…”
— RF, Fairfax, CA