About Max J. Van Praag, Broadcaster & Intimacy Expert

Max J. Van Praag is a broadcaster and a coach specializing in intimacy, sex & power.  For more information or call 415 – 254-2002

Max offers high impact intimacy coaching for those who truly want a shift. His ideal clients are main stream couples having lost passion because they are no longer true to their masculine & feminine essence, they are not enough in touch with what turns them on, so  he will invite them to shift the dynamic and explore their edges. His clients are also people very much into kink & power exchange who need help in identifying and communicating their desires and go deeper with what they are already doing.

He also works with singles, wanting to attract the right partner or to raise the quality of their dates.

He supports clients around severe heart breaks and he is aware of the power of soul contracts and how they can bring us close to god or blow us apart , even beyond childhood trauma.

Integrity, transparency, directness, acceptance, intuition, soulfulness, emotion, artistic expression and his own unique life experience are all part of his approach.
He produces his TV talk-show to inspire millions of people worldwide.

Besides a lifetime of research in the areas of intimacy, love, sex & power, he has studied performing arts, psychology, personal transformation, classical music and is fluent in five languages.
Born in Holland, a citizen of the world, he brings his cross cultural and multi-lingual skills to his work. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995.