Sexual Healing & Love-Passion-Power Readings

  •  Intuitive Reading with Max Focused on Love, Passion & Power – In Person, via Skype or Phone- One time 45 Min – $100
  •  Sexual Healing Sessions with Max for Couples, Single Men & Single Women – $200 per Hour – $500 for 3 Hour Session

       415 254-2002

“I had two sessions with Max and am already feeling a huge shift in my attitude, feelings and perspective regarding my intimate life. and the changes are starting to happen in a deep and profound way.
I feel grateful for you Max for your deep listening, discerning guidance and compassionate heart. it’s incredible how quickly you were able to zoom into the issues and provide loving guidance. you are a gift !”
— Natalie Zeituny, Conscious Executive Business Coach

“My wife and I are going though a major transition after raising kids and moving towards retirement. Our interest in sexual exploration are at the opposite ends of the poles. However, after just one session with Max, he re-framed the problem in a way that gave me the opportunity to have an honest heart to heart discussion with my wife as I have never had before in 40 years. My original conversational style would have led us down the same path with no exit. Because of this, we are now working on the problem together. Max was able to dig deep into my intentions so that my communication went from messy and somewhat manipulative to honest and straightforward. As a result, my wife was also able to communicate her needs clearly and now we are closer together than ever. Thanks Max…”
— RF, Fairfax, CA