Private Matters is an exceptional gift for anyone wanting to take their relationship skills to a much higher level. Not only is there an incredible variety of experts interviewed but the quality of the information is so fresh and deep that one wonders why most therapists aren’t using the site with their clients! Several of the videos have given me, personally, new tools in which to understand my own relationship better and to have more compassion and understanding for my partner.
Bravo Max ! Keep up the great work.
—Suzie Heumann, www.Tantra.com

I had two sessions with Max and am already feeling a huge shift in my attitude, feelings and perspective regarding my intimate life. and the changes are starting to happen in a deep and profound way.
I feel grateful for you Max for your deep listening, discerning guidance and compassionate heart. it’s incredible how quickly you were able to zoom into the issues and provide loving guidance. you are a gift !
— Natalie Zeituny, Conscious Executive Business Coach

This video (Episode 2: Healthy Bonding with Carista Luminare) has really changed my relationship(s) – both with my partner, friends, and even myself, since I first watched it 2 months ago. I highly recommend it to you. Thank you, Max J. Van Praag!

- Kerstin Tuschik

Thank you Max, I hadn’t had sex with my husband for 14 years, and after our first session and by implementing the homework you gave me, my husband and I reconnected sexually. You were direct, confident and professional. I am forever grateful.

- Maria Brindisi, Holistic Health Practitioner

Very engaging, very captivating presenter. Great voice ! He is there for us, it’s wonderful.
- Alessandro Raffi, Client

Max is a charismatic, talented performer, a natural leader and communicator: a man of great depth and understanding who is tuned into his audience.
- Peter van den Bree, Client

Max has assisted me to get through the darkest places back to the light again, and he has given me tools to sustain myself through my art work.
- Brigitte Schulz, Visual Artist